Service Provider Android App Template  iOS App Template HMTL  Css IONIC 5  RepairHub Handyman

Service Provider Android App Template iOS App Template HMTL Css IONIC 5 RepairHub Handyman

Service Provider Appointment App


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RepairHub is a service provider app that can be used as a handyman online booking app, repairman app, service provider booking app, etc.

ReapairHub is single service provider app template.

List of Screens

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Sign in Screen
  3. Sign up Screen
  4. Social login Screen
  5. OTP Verification Screen
  6. Home Screen
  7. Select Task Screen
  8. Select Date and Time Screen (3 Screens)
  9. Location Screen
  10. Confirm Appointment Screen
  11. Appointment Done Screen
  12. My Appointment Screen
  13. Appointment Info Screen
  14. Menu Screen
  15. My Profile Screen
  16. Add Address Screen
  17. Contact us Screen
  18. FAQs Screen
  19. Terms and Conditions Screen

### Changelog & Update History

Version 1.2
11 June 2020

New: Change Language Page New: Arabic Language Added New: Portuguese Language Added New: Indonesia Language Added New: French Language Added New: Spanish Language Added Update: Updagrade to IONIC 5 Update: UI Improvements Update: Other Bug Fixes Update: Ready For iOS 14 and Android 11

It can also be used for the following clones: UrbanClap clone, HouseJoy clone, Zimmber clone, Helpr clone, Soothe clone, Halo clone, Gojek clone, Task Rabbit clone, Handy clone, Joboy clone, SweepSouth clone, Wesabi clone, ServisHero clone, Kaodimclone, Jonny On it clone, Takl clone,m Ebutler clone, TAskApp clone, MrUstra clone, Joboy Uae clone, Ingizly clone. Repairhub is a home service provider app also known as Handyman Android app handyman ios app, handyman booking app, service provider booking android app, service provider booking ios app, best maid software, book Plumbing, carpet cleaning, Cleaning services Booking, Pool and Spa Service, Reinigung, repair booking, on-demand service app, plumber app, repair app, uber for handyman, etc.

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