Vaid Template

Vaid Template

An advanced sass based ionic template for Doctors and Patients to search and coordinate between themselves and the hospitals.


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A mobile app template for Doctors and Patients to search and coordinate between themselves and the hospitals.

VAID is an IONIC 3.0 framework theme developed on the basis of SASS that includes the following screens:

1) Three Slider Screens About App

2) Signup

3) Login

4) Dashboard & Homepage

5) Sidemenu

6) Find Doctor

7) Doctor List

8) Doctors Map View

9) Doctor Profile

10) Doctor Personal Information

11) Doctor Working Address

12) Doctor Reviewer

13) Doctor Appointment

14) Find Hospital

15) Hospital List

16) Hospital Map View

17) Hospital Detail

18) My Schedule With Calendar

19) My Reports

20) Drugs List With Search Option

21) Drug Description

22) User Profile

23) Notification

Template Features:

1) It is a SASS based template.

2) CSS Animations.

3) Responsive app. so it fits to all devices.

4) The app using Ionic 3 , Angular 5, Cordova ,Sass, Flat design.

5) Camera plug-in code included.

6) Google maps code is included.

7) Theme tested on both Android and IOS.

8) Multiple sliding screens describe about the app.

9) Doctors and patients can monitor their schedules on calendar view.

10) User can find doctors and hospitals with list View and show their locations on Google Map.

11) User can Upload his medical reports image from camera and can choose from gallery too.

12) Details of the patient/ user can be viewed on user profile screen.

13) Details of the doctor can be viewed on Doctor Profile Screen.

14) Details of the Hospital can be viewed on Hospital Detail screen.

15) All Notifications reflect on Notification screen.

Project Installation Steps:

We are assuming that required prerequisite for IONIC 3 already installed before using this theme.

  1. Unzip the downloaded project.
  2. Go to the project folder path and run "npm install". It will install all the node module which are required for this theme.
  3. Then run ionic serve command.

Before creating build, kindly install the below cordova plugin.

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera

npm install --save @ionic-native/camera

Note: If you get any error related to Calendar. Kindly follow below note.

Solution 1

  • Copy ionic2-calendar node module from download theme's node_modules and replace it in your project node_modules folder.

Solution 2

  • Open ionic2-calendar in node_modules.
  • Find "ngOutletContext" text in all ionic2-calendar files and replace the text with "ngTemplateOutletContext".
  • For more detail please follow this "<">

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